New blog: The Barktorialist

The Barktorialist was initiated by four fashion insiders who are witness to much of the fabulousness that exists in the world of fashion, design, culture and the arts. There are numerous cities around the globe that are host to an incredible amount of style. Barktorialist wants to capture how the voguish extend their flair and style on to their pets. The Barktorialist brings together the latest trends in pet lifestyle, interviews, street-style, celebrities and products.

Please send us any streetstyle moments products and the absolute awesome pet flashes we are not there to capture.

LIVING: Pet lifestyle including: pet beauty grooming, diet, dog food, cat food, pet events, pet humor, pet friendly hotels, pet friendly travel, travelling with pets, pet health, pet wellness, natural and eco pet products

DESIGN: The Barktorialist will bring readers the latest trends in pet products including pet clothing, pet accessories, pet carriers, dog collars, dog beds, dog fashion, cat collars, cat beds, dog coats, pet bowls, dog and cat leashes, bird feeders, aquariums and fish bowls

INSIDERS: Interviews and profiles with well known and celebrity pet owners and their pets from the fashion, design and media industries.

STREETSTYLE : Street style shots of fashionable pet owners out and about with their dogs global.

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St-Augustine Locals Guide

New blog: The Locals’ Guide to St. Augustine

“The Locals’ Guide to St. Augustine” has just launched their new website featuring reviews and recommendations written by locals for visitors travelling to the nations “Oldest City.” This St Augustine tourist information website site features reviews and information on Saint Augustine restaurants, hotels, St Augustine attractions, historical sites, Beaches, recreations, pet friendly and kid friendly areas and even a listing of Happy Hours in Saint Augustine.

“Our goal is to provide tourists with the best possible information about this great town”, said The Locals’ Guide Publisher Tracey Burke. “Know What the Locals Know is our slogan,” she said, “and we want to provide a firsthand perspective of the best spots to visit based on repeated experience.”

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nike fuelband

Nike+ FuelBand Review

Fitness bloggers aside, we, as online publishers, are not always the healthiest of demographic groups. Blame it on a mix of spending an above average amount of time online, researching llama memes, long nights of writing or somewhat lax eating and workout habits, but whichever way you swing it our chosen profession doesn’t exactly encourage an abundance of physical activity.

For the most part, however, bloggers are a pretty plugged in group and if there’s one thing many of us enjoy, it’s a cool gadget. If that gadget can help us along to a healthier, happier life, all the better.

Enter this weeks review, the Nike+ FuelBand.

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Pinterest, use it

Are you Pinterested?

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest was first launched March of 2010. Many probably underestimated how huge the pinning madness would reach. With over 48.7 Million User, as of february 2013, it has an colossal user base that no blogger should take for granted.

Quoted from their website; “Pinterest is a tool for collecting and organizing the things that inspire you.” There are millions of people searching Pinterest, right now!, looking for content that you are writing about and posting. Why would you NOT pin it to Pinterest? Because you might augment your traffic? Because you might find new readers? Because you just might get more exposure with minimal effort on your end? When put this way, it seems difficult to argue why you wouldn’t give Pinterest a go.

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Marvelous Mommy

Interview: Amy from Marvelous Mommy

Marvelous Mommy Recently I had the chance to interview the very awesome Amy from Marvelous Mommy! Her blog is filled with enticing recipes, great diy’s and incredible pictures of her many wonderful projects. As a mom of 2 she is a busy lady, but took the time to answer some of our questions. Don’t miss out on visiting her blog after you are done getting to know all about her and her blog here in this interview!

TBN – What first inspired you to start this wonderful blog?

Amy: When I was pregnant with my first daughter, I spent a lot of time reading baby/parenting articles online. My husband was actually the one who suggested I start this strange new thing called a “blog” which I had previously heard about from my sister.

I started out posting basic weekly updates about my pregnancy and then in April 2010, I launched “Marvelous Mommy” and started doing more reviews and giveaways.

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Go Home, You’re Drunk!

I often need humor in my life to make certain days of the week seem less miserable. Like Monday’s or Tuesday, or any other day that ends in “ay”.

One of my favourite ways is seeking out “Go home, you’re drunk” memes. I’m not sure why they tickle me so much, but they do.

I decided I would share with my you, lovely readers, some of the ones I especially enjoy.

I wish I could have located the originators for these, but meme authors are insanely difficult to track down. Would have sent them virtual hugs for all the warm fuzzy they have given me. …Maybe this why they stay so hidden from me…

Hats off to anyone and everyone who had a hand in creating them!

go home kitty you're drunk

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How to make writing suck less

Writing sucks. If you’re not a professional with many years of training, or a naturally gifted individual, it is uniquely brutal work that can leave you with a feeling of self-loathing, self-doubt, pure frustration and despair.

When you take the first steps to writing consistently, more often than not, you’ll inevitably hit a wall that leaves you feeling like a fraud, a fake, a no-talent hack “pretending” to write.

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Blog Highlight: Vegetarian Mamma

A few months back I stumbled upon a lovely blog that featured vegetarian and vegan recipes. I started following Cindy, the owner of the blog, on twitter and every week I would see new awesome tweets for very cool recipes. What I also found was that she is a great supporter to the gluten free community.
The recipes you will find on her blog are mostly peanuts, tree nuts, soy, gluten and dairy free. Though the name is vegetarianmamma, you will find a bunch of delicious vegan recipes to delight anyone that is looking for an already family tested recipe. Cindy has children, which is a huge bonus for many of us. This translates to child approved recipes floating around the blog! It can be a challenge to create an appeasing meal for children without restrictions, it’s a whole new ball park when you have limitations to the ingredients you can use.

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Interview: Pattie Brynn from Lupus Interrupted

83a9ac5a067c8888ec710d63e9f410f3I’m over the moon to have had the chance to interview the very wonderful Pattie Brynn. In the fall of 2010 she was Diagnosed with Systemic Lupus Erthematosus (SLE). She was soon thereafter diagnosed with a variety of other illnesses. Blogging can be a very powerful tool and in her case, she used it wisely to her advantage. Take a moment to read her interview here and then a few more moments exploring her inspirational blog

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