Great Twitter hashtags for Fashion and Beauty Bloggers!

Fashion is a huge industry. At almost a Trillion a year, it’s nothing to ignore. Which is why my second part to my twitter hashtag feature is dedicated to Fashion and Beauty!

If you are a blogger blogging about any kind of fashion or beauty trend, here are a few hashtags you should keep in mind when tweeting.


The most used hashtags for fashion lovers on twitter. This hashtag is always busy, but this doesn’t mean it doesn’t have it’s own highs and lows. Activity is higher during the day than it is at night. With that said, it still gets more attention at night than many hashtags during their daytime peaks! This is for sure a big ticket one that should never be overlooked.


This hashtag stands for “beauty bloggers”. It’s another great hashtag to use during the day from 8am EST to 7pm EST. You will always find people tweeting about new style trends to the latest shoes and everything in-between. The great people at have a scheduled chat every Sunday and Wednesday that last an hour starting at 2pm EST. There are manym wonderfully friendly and welcoming Fashion/Beauty bloggers that use this hashtag regularly.


Many bloggers who use #Bbloggers will pair it up with #Fbloggers ( Fashion Bloggers ). It’s most popular time seems to also be 3am EST to 6pm EST. It was created by Laura, a lifestyle blogger for That’s So Yesterday.


Yet another great hashtag if you love getting to attend scheduled twitter chats. Every Wednesday from 3pm EST to 4pm EST, Stylecaster hosts this great chat. You will find loads of fabulous people chatting about tips, sharing advice and generally discussing some great ideas.


Want another great hashtag? #Beauty is yet another great fashion hashtag that gets a lot of attention on twitter. This is an all day gem. From 7am EST to 5pm EST it is a fast paced hashtag with lots of great content.


Want another all day goodie? This is alternative one to remember when you are tweeting. This hashtag seems to be most popular between 10am to 5pm, but still stands strong overnight.

Here are a few other lovely hashtags to remember. They should be used more when your blog post has specific theme:


These are trendy hashtags that many bloggers and tumblr bloggers, and the none bloggers, use when they want to show off their current looks:

#OOTD ( Outfit Of The Day )

#WIWT ( What I Wore Today )


So there you have some quick references hashtags for when you’re twitting about your Fashion or Beauty Blogs to bookmark! The most important thing to remember is to keep your hashtags relevant to your blog post. Don’t worry about being creative either with your hashtags. Have fun, let your hair down and get tweeting! People want to know what great style and trends you are blogging about!

If you know of any other awesome hashtags for fashion or beauty bloggers that I might have miss, please feel free to leave a comment so we can share them with everyone!

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