Go Home, You’re Drunk!

I often need humor in my life to make certain days of the week seem less miserable. Like Monday’s or Tuesday, or any other day that ends in “ay”.

One of my favourite ways is seeking out “Go home, you’re drunk” memes. I’m not sure why they tickle me so much, but they do.

I decided I would share with my you, lovely readers, some of the ones I especially enjoy.

I wish I could have located the originators for these, but meme authors are insanely difficult to track down. Would have sent them virtual hugs for all the warm fuzzy they have given me. …Maybe this why they stay so hidden from me…

Hats off to anyone and everyone who had a hand in creating them!

go home kitty you're drunk

go home little car, you're drunk

found a spot

go home weeping angel, you're drunk

go home heels, you're drunk

go home cat, you're drunk

go home bus, you're drunk

go home road, you're drunk

go home railroad, you are drunk

Go home sign, you're drunk

Diane Beauregard

Diane Beauregard

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2 thoughts on “Go Home, You’re Drunk!

    • Diane Beauregard says:

      I have seen some pretty crazy “wrong” closed caption. I love all memes, but the drunk ones are some of my favorites. Hope this made you smile.

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