Are you Pinterested?

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest was first launched March of 2010. Many probably underestimated how huge the pinning madness would reach. With over 48.7 Million User, as of february 2013, it has an colossal user base that no blogger should take for granted.

Quoted from their website; “Pinterest is a tool for collecting and organizing the things that inspire you.” There are millions of people searching Pinterest, right now!, looking for content that you are writing about and posting. Why would you NOT pin it to Pinterest? Because you might augment your traffic? Because you might find new readers? Because you just might get more exposure with minimal effort on your end? When put this way, it seems difficult to argue why you wouldn’t give Pinterest a go.

How Can Pinterest Help your blog?

Sharing is easy from pinterest to other social media sites like twitter and facebook. Which translates to another avenue to have your blog reach even more social media sites easily and with again, minimal effort on your part. Pinterest isn’t limited to who is following you, but exposes you to everyone on pinterest respectively.

Finding creative ways to boost traffic on a blog can sometimes be challenging. I will never understand why anyone would limit being discovered. You have something important to share, wether it be about fashion, baking or how to help with a cranky child, there are readers out there hungry to devour your creative anecdotes. Why are you not doing everything you can to help your potential readers find you? Use, and exploit, all the social media tools that will push your blog forward. Pinterest is a great resource that many bloggers tend to overlook and neglect, which is a shame.

Here’s something I’ve noticed with all my research into blogs. Are you listening?

This is important and you might not have gotten the memo yet: Blogs that have active facebook, twitter AND pinterest accounts tend to thrive more than blogs that don’t.

Pinterest helps blogs find new traffic sources and exposure, which is never a negative when trying to promote your blog.

Here’s another clever trend I have noticed. There are millions of people using Pinterest as a search engine. I’ve done it countless times. Looking for a yummy recipe for a chocolate dessert? Type in “Chocolate dessert” and voila! Pictures with links to blogs with recipes to appease my chocolate needs. If I am doing this, you better believe, your blogger behind, that other smart chocolate eating ladies, and gents, are doing this also! If they are looking up chocolate, what else are they looking up? The search possibilities are endless!

The simple truth…

The point I’m desperately trying to make is extremely simple, Pinterest is easy to use, and WILL bring traffic to your blog. In the end, it’s your choice if you will take in Pinterest as a method to expand your blogging horrizons, but I ask you to try it for one month to test it out. Pin your current and old content and see what your traffic looks like, and judge for yourself if you want to continue using it after that.

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